World Dodgeball Association in partnership with Egyptian Dodgeball Federation presents the Inaugural 2017 African Cup of Nations. Also the qualifying competition for the Dodgeball World Cup 2018, it brings together all the World Dodgeball Association accredited members from Africa into a 3-day event celebrating the dodgeball sport, with the ultimate prize up for grabs – a place in the Dodgeball World Cup.

Three days of qualifiers through to finals you’ll be taken on a journey full of joy, angst and dodging the ball! This is one of the world’s most participatory sports on the big stage as they dodge, duck and dive.

A fantastic spectacle for all ages, come along to cheer on your nation as they try to secure a place in the world rankings!

The 2017 African Cup of Nations, Cairo, will include the nations of Cameroon, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan and South Africa.

This event is proudly run with our partners The Egyptian Dodgeball Federation, a premier class organisation that is helping grow the sport of dodgeball from grassroots to the elite athletes you will see in Cairo.

The inaugural 2017 African Cup of Nations is taking place in Cairo from the 25th to 26th August 2017. Nations from across the continent will be competing to become the first ever champions of Africa.

Please note: The final games may overrun into Sunday the 27th, if you still hold a valid previously purchased weekend ticket, it will carry over and you will be allowed re-entry to watch the finals should they overrun.

This event is extremely important to growing and developing Dodgeball across Africa as new generations will be inspired to participate in grassroots Dodgeball leaving a lasting legacy for Egypt and for Africa.

The 2017 African Cup of Nations held in Cairo will include the nations of Cameroon, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan and South Africa.

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Cairo Olympic Centre

Rd. 250, MAADI, محافظة القاهرة‬, Egypt